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Dear Ora, you remember me from Tokyo -off the mat on the canvas... Whenever I see butterflies I think about you. I am still listening to the tape you gave me. What a Lovely site you have! All the best, Kiki
Ora, I googled and found this amazing site! Just left a message on your voice mail.
AZo0gl Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, i'm from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!
Listening to your singing again brought tears to my eyes. What a talent. You must come back to the Hamptons and wow them here! Enjoy your Tokyo gig where I know they are crazy about you!
We went to JSC. I have been living here on Okinawa since 1995. Would love to see you again. Write or call me 090-81-956-2912.
Hi Ora, Thanks again for visiting St. Luke's to hear and support the Cotton Blossom Singers. Cliff
Hello.Ms,Ora. I met you a pink ribon's party one month ago. And I listened your song there first.since then I listen your CD every day.It touch my heart very deeply.Every songs make a deep impression for me. I want to say thank you from my heart. sorry my poor english.Just I want to tell my grateful feeling. I wish your happy and good luck!!
HI! great seeing you in NY. Look forward to seeing you, hearing you sing again in Tokyo again! Love ya iots
Ora, let us know how you are - are you still in Osaka - planning to be there in spring 2008 - so keep us updated - take care !
Hello Ora, Do you remember me? I was the bartender at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi MS. It was such an honor to meet you. You are such an inspiration. You have my email address now, please let us keep in touch.
Hello my Dear! I got your message and I am so glad that you doing well. I am missing you a lot and would really love to listen to your wonderful sound again. Take care and good luck to you!!!
Hello Butterfly ! Time goes by... for me it is like yesterday when we enjoyed "The way we were" in the Ritz Carlton Dubai. What a performance - all people missed you a lot after you left the ritz - so greetings from Harry - hope to see you in Japan one day - take care and all the best !!!
heard about you through my breast cancer support group tonite...i was diagnosed last august...and i'm proud to say...i'm at the end of all my treatments...GOd is good!! i hear you've been invited to the relay for life survivors luncheon this sunday...i hope you can make a spot for it in your schedule...you'd be an inspiration to us all!!!
Dear Ora... long time, no connect. I'm thrilled to see you've finally produced a CD. I hope to hear it soon. I enjoyed reading your bio - it brought back Baltimore memories (and I chuckled at the junior high school music teacher entry...'cause I was there). Take care... Be Blessed Love, Denise
Just wanted to say hello stranger. Long time no see. Been checking out your wed site.
It was such a honor for my gandson, Dytania, and I to have met you. To know "Mississippi Song" will be the state song for Mississippi, and hear you sing it is beyond words. With the gift of your voice, and your personality you are truly blessed. I am sure this was an experience the boys, nor I will not forget. Thank you for taking the time, and in hopes our paths will cross again. Wishing you the best and may GOD continue to bless you, protect you. Love, GOD Bless, Sandra & Dytania
It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you in Memphis TN while there to perform with The Boys Choir of Powhatan from Baltimore Maryland. The boys keep singing the "Mississippi Song" over and over. Your voice is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for taking the time and hope to see you again in the future.
Thanks for coming to Memphis to perform the "Mississippi Song" with the Boys Choir of Powhatan.
Thanks for coming to my "opening night" for "Man of La Mancha" at the Players Theatre in Sarasota, Florida on February 23, 2006. It was great to know you were out there in the audience, it's always good to know that your friends really do care. PS Thanks again for fixing my hair prop, we did not want Cheryl to touch it (smile) Love Always, Howard Hey , I read that!!!!!!!!. Ora it was great for you to be here, you have been in my life since we met 8 years ago in Japan, which means you have traveled more than I am sure you would have dreamed of to come visit someone, but I feel we have it that way "you call we come". Thanks for being my "Angel" and Friend. Love you always, Cheryl
Hellooooooo its me.